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Genital Torture

Bobbi Starr Abuses Her slaveboy

bobbi starr abuses slave

For many of our submissive little bitch boys, their first taste of a mistress is the only they need before they understand that they are in forever. It’s something they crave, they think they will never get enough and they want to do find the most intense mistresses they can. We love it when these little bitch boys are eager, because it means that some of our most vicious divine women can really work them over and push them as far as they want.

Slave Scott Upton is definitely one of the more quiet and reserved of the bitch boys we get, but man can he take the abuse. This time Mistress Bobbi Starr gets a turn abusing his body. She starts with a harsh stretched pose and a severe beating as a warmup that would signal the end for many bottoms, but Scott just turns into putty in her hands. He’s such a tough little bitch boy that he holds up every weight in the studio with his cock and balls. So Mistress Starr rewards him by fucking him up the ass, then letting him use the gag dildo on her so he can pleasure her wet pussy.

Watch his training/abuse video HERE

Caged Cock and Balls

caged cock and balls

Every one of our lovely dommes likes to play around now and again. There’s nothing like a nice, refreshing little role-playing exercise to get their creative juices going with all sorts of inventive torments and tortures for the submissive men who they have in their lives. It doesn’t take much either, especially when they have a particularly prime piece of meat to play with, before they really start to bring out their evil sides.

Mistress Lorelei Lee has a particularly fine piece of boy to torment in her little medical role play this time, in the form of the toned body of Apollo. She torments his cock and balls with all sorts of medical instruments before she moves on to whipping him, teasing him, edging him, and even taking him up the ass with her favorite strapon. He is blessed with the opportunity during his ‘exam’ for a chance to worship Mistress Lee’s pussy, before she finally tests his orgasmic capacity.

Watch this slaveboy tormented and tortured on video. CLICK HERE

Balls in bondage and suspension

cbt bondage and suspension

It’s so nice when you see a submissive slutboy showing up positively eager for his chance with one of our lovely dommes. This times newbie James even showed up in a suit to his special day! So we gave him over to our favorite dommes, Mistress Gia Dimarco. Gia just loves ropes, so James first got a nice taste of extreme suspension bondage, where she tortured him quite a bit and fucked him up the ass. He was a very brave boy though, so she moved onto the CBT, the flogging and then smothered him as she forced him to lick her pretty asshole. As a new boy, he did well, we’ll have to bring him back for another session.

Watch this pain filled video HERE

Femdom CBT Featuring Killer Heels

femdom cbt

Maitresse Madeline strapped in her subs cock and balls pretty tight and made sure they aren’t going to move an inch while the manmeat is sucking her eager clit. She keeps him eagerly licking thanks to the threatening placement of her stiletto heels. This is femdom CBT the way you want it to be: fear and domination galore. Gorgeous Madeline is the sort of mistress that takes care of her slaves, so check out the video of this awesome female domination scene and watch how she gives her slaveboy a good handjob until he cums in her hands!

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Full Blown Male Genital Torture

genital torture

Our sexy redhead mistress is not performing a genital torture session. No, this is art. It’s genuine bdsm art in her eyes and who am I to say she isn’t right? You can’t deny the beauty of her zipper work on that poor sub’s penis. When you think past the visual aspect you should imagine the pain and agony that slave is going to face when Red zips all those clamps at the same time. The fear in his eyes is saying more than a thousand words, but he eagerly awaits his punishment as he knows there is a satisfying reward waiting for him. This slutty mistress is going to suck that painful cock with her pretty lips and she isn’t too shabby to swallow his load.

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