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Submissive husband let out of his cage


Many women know just how they want their men, and that’s on their knees, worshipping them whenever they get the chance. These subby boys end up being the perfect service husbands to their goddess wives. They are willing to do anything, just for their opportunity to serve and make sure they are doing everything for their wives’ pleasures. For their reward they get to spend time in the cage, collared, leashed, and have their ass paddled and fucked by their dominant wives. If they’re even extra lucky they might get to have sex!

Adrianne Lily’s little twink of a husband spends quite a bit of his time in the cage. She likes to bring him out when he’s of use, or when she needs to have a man on hand for her pleasure. He’s nice and buff, the perfect little twink, so when Adrianne gets the urge to bend him over and use her favorite strapon on him, she knows that he’ll last quite a long time before she gets tired of him. On his side, he begs for more, and when she shows him the slightest attention he becomes eager for more.

Adrianne uses her husband as a sextoy. CLICK HERE to watch.

Lizzie, Esmi and Deanna

Lizzie, Esmi and Deanna

It doesn’t matter how much swagger, or arrogance or power a boy has in the real world, once he steps into the dungeon with a mistress, he just becomes a little bitch boy at the mercy of the dommes. They get to punish him, humiliate him, and put him on display however they like, and if he’s a good little bitch boy he’ll take it. The lovely dominant woman especially love when the muscled up manly men who are soooo pushy and forward out of their care end up on their knees, with their pathetic little cocks and their sculpted bodies at the women’s disposal.

This particular little bitch boy gets to be a display piece for three of our favorite dommes, Lizzie, Esmi and Deanna. This pathetic little boy ends up hooded and with his cock tied to his collar so that he can’t even look up while they use him for their fun. He’s a good little bitch boy though, so maybe they won’t go too hard on him. Sometimes a pretty boy is good for the decoration, especially when these three dommes want to show off, and they need a good slab of meat that will show all their marks and the fun they have when they put this bitch boy under the crop.

See how much pain this bitch boy can take! Click here.

Bobbi Starr Abuses Her slaveboy

bobbi starr abuses slave

For many of our submissive little bitch boys, their first taste of a mistress is the only they need before they understand that they are in forever. It’s something they crave, they think they will never get enough and they want to do find the most intense mistresses they can. We love it when these little bitch boys are eager, because it means that some of our most vicious divine women can really work them over and push them as far as they want.

Slave Scott Upton is definitely one of the more quiet and reserved of the bitch boys we get, but man can he take the abuse. This time Mistress Bobbi Starr gets a turn abusing his body. She starts with a harsh stretched pose and a severe beating as a warmup that would signal the end for many bottoms, but Scott just turns into putty in her hands. He’s such a tough little bitch boy that he holds up every weight in the studio with his cock and balls. So Mistress Starr rewards him by fucking him up the ass, then letting him use the gag dildo on her so he can pleasure her wet pussy.

Watch his training/abuse video HERE

Ball Busting Dommes

ball busting

Some little bitch boys put certain parts off limits. So many certainly say that their hard limits include cock and ball torture, and anything that might actually force them to really experience suffering. Of course, we’re rather good at getting those boys to give up their hard limits on that front, especially when our skilled dommes work on them and get them begging them for even more. They rarely understand what it means when they really start to work on them.

This particular little bitch boy thought he was oh-so-luck when he heard that two dommes had a particular interest in using his body. He was so proud that he quickly agreed to whatever they wanted. Oh, and what they wanted was to show him how vulnerable he really can be when he is foolish with his words. They abuse his poor little cock and balls until they are black and blue, swollen and he’s whimpering and begging with the slightest touch…then they really get to work on him.

Intense ball busting video HERE

Caged Cock and Balls

caged cock and balls

Every one of our lovely dommes likes to play around now and again. There’s nothing like a nice, refreshing little role-playing exercise to get their creative juices going with all sorts of inventive torments and tortures for the submissive men who they have in their lives. It doesn’t take much either, especially when they have a particularly prime piece of meat to play with, before they really start to bring out their evil sides.

Mistress Lorelei Lee has a particularly fine piece of boy to torment in her little medical role play this time, in the form of the toned body of Apollo. She torments his cock and balls with all sorts of medical instruments before she moves on to whipping him, teasing him, edging him, and even taking him up the ass with her favorite strapon. He is blessed with the opportunity during his ‘exam’ for a chance to worship Mistress Lee’s pussy, before she finally tests his orgasmic capacity.

Watch this slaveboy tormented and tortured on video. CLICK HERE

Biting the Balls of Sebastian

biting balls

Submissive slut boys usually are so willing to serve, and suffer all sorts of torments, but they still get somewhat protective of their pathetic little cocks. Well, Mistress Francesca Le loves turning that on them, torturing their dicks until they beg, and promise to do anything as long as the torment stops, then the real torment begins.

Sebastian Keys succumbs to her demands, and soon finds himself licking out her ass to get her clean, taking her favorite strapon in the ass, and once he’s stretched taking her fist up his backside. Next time we’re sure he’ll pick his words a little bit more carefully when he’s begging for mercy.

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